Key benefits

Anti-slip paper sheet STABULONTM reduce stacked product layer shifting during shipping and handling. Thanks to the high coefficient (up to 60°) on both sides, they prevent all slippage and damages issues.

  • On skids (wood, plastic, slip-sheet) to unitize the load.
  • Between layers of goods: to stabilize the products (boxes, bags, trays) and prevent shifting during transportation.

Benefits of non-slip paper sheets:

  • Reduce product damages;
  • Optimized volume loading of trucks and containers;
  • Adding layers of products on skids with maximized stability;
  • Reduce of tertiary shipping packaging (stretch wrap, corners, strapping…);
  • Increase warehousing and transport efficiency;
  • Reduce of personal injuries due to products falling when fork lifting, loading and unloading racks and trucks;
  • No investment and maintenance to use STABULONTM

Manual or automatic palletization

STABULONTM tie-sheets can be placed by hand with no specific automatic equipment. They do not stick to items, are re-usable and allow picking (repositioning on skids). To achieve the best stabilization, one tie-sheet per layer is recommended, with one put on top of the wooden or plastic pallet to unitize it. Between layers, the quantity of anti-slip sheets will depend on the ratio weight/volume of the palletized items.
STABULONTM tie-sheets can be used with any automatic robot. Only 2 technical conditions for better picking:

  • Pick-up with vacuum system made of multiple natural rubber suction cups. Suction cups must be placed across the surface of the sheets;
  • The plastic brush has to refrain the sheets underneath. This flexible brush fixed on vertical bars eases the process of picking-up one tie-sheet at a time.