Case studies

Food industry

A major poultry food company automatically packages products in waxed boxes. 2.1 % of boxes were damaged in shipments and refused by wholesalers. Customers also complained that unloading and moving the skids was being difficult and dangerous.


A personal care producer wanted to optimize the palettization. Bottles of liquid soap are packaged in ECT 32 corrugated boxes. The challenge is to switch from the current pallet-pattern (interlocking) to column-stacking to prevent boxes from crushing.

Pet Food

A pet food manufacturer was looking for packaging cost reduction opportunities. Packaging is plastic bags weighing 16 lbs. Bags have the highest COF to be obtained for the outer ply (spec is 0.5 min). The manufacturer was only able to get 5 layers per pallet and can not double stack skids. They wanted to palletize 11 tiers per skid.