STABULON™ anti-slip paper sheets  reduce stacked product layer shifting during shipping and handling. Thanks to the high coefficient (up to 42°) on both sides, they prevent all slippage and damages issues.  
Available by roll or by sheets

Recyclable / Repulpable / Reusable
STABULONTM anti-slip sheets contribute to a sustainable environment.
Specification sheet
Standard Quality * STABULON 100 STABULON 140 STABULON 220
Sheet size 37’’ x 45’’    or    40’’x 48’’
Customized sizes on request
Also available by roll
Coefficient of friction (angle) Up to 42°
Caliper 23 lbs/ft2 29 lbs/ft2 48 lbs/ft2
Quantity per skid 5,000 sheets 4,000 sheets 2,500 sheets
Application Manual Manual / Automatic Robot pick-up

* customized qualities on request