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About Us

Why work with us?

- Our products are domestically made

- Our products are Recyclable and Repulpable

- Our products are Reusable in closed-loop applications
- Our products are made from Post Consumable Waste
- Most diverse range of Coatings and Papers
- Printing ability
- In-house customization
- Fast lead times
- Dedicated Engineer for Palletization Strategies
- Experts in optimization and automation
- Global presence for uniform and consistant product


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is the North-American division of CGP Coating Innovation, the world leader of anti-slip paper.


With STABULON® anti-slip sheets, load stability is significantly increased while supporting optimization of safely transporting more finished goods by increasing product count/pallet, driving out costs and waste and putting an end to shifting loads.

Our range of product solutions addresses needs in manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies to protect products and increase stability in palletized product handling. Our solutions are used in all industries.

CGP EXPAL INC. expert division has been in business here in North America for more than twenty years; while our CGP Coating Innovation company has been producing solutions for more than 100 years, focusing on providing high quality, reliable and cost-effective product solutions.


With our technical expertise, we are at your disposition to help you choose the product that best fits your needs -with our wide range of customizable solutions to fully optimize your packaging and standard stocking products to help you through your validation processes.

Our Sales Team


Janice Bailey

Regional Sales Manager


Younes Fokri

Lead Engineer


Anthony Decorato

Sales Manager for Canada & all the Northeastern United States of America


Ryan Gilbert

Southeastern & West Coast Sales Representative

Eric Brown.png

Eric Brown

Sales Director N. America

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