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StabuStrap® pallet elastic stretch band


All NEW StabuStrap® poly band that comes in perforated roll form in a dispensing box that permits you to stretch the band and simply place around your pallet layers to contain and protect your products. This is ideal for mixed pallet loads as well as unitized loads too. For the ultimate load shipment Combo by truck, rail or cargo container, palletize your layers with our Stabulon Anti-Slip interlayer tie sheets and top off with StabuStrap on the top layer.

You have a pick facility for e-commerce? You can warehouse all you product with NO pallet wrap safely by implementing Stabulon & StabuStrap with ability to reuse. How much pallet wrap do you put per pallet? Most put 300 - 700 grams. StabuStrap weighs 6.5 grams and is fully recyclable, keeping you on track for your sustainability goals! How can we help you drive out your waste stream tonnage?

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