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The importance of Quality at CGP EXPAL INC.

Leader in the field of non-slip handling and stabilization products, CGP EXPAL INC. recognizes the importance of offering products and services of impeccable quality to its customers.

An efficient and scalable quality management system

Since its implementation in February 2018, our QMS has been able to adapt and improve in order to ensure the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of our interested parties as well as the achievement of the quality objectives put in place.

Following the growing business as well as the additions of manufacturing processes at our new Bromont plant, the team has grown to welcome a new quality agent who ensures the qualification and quality validation in real time of the product. material produced. CGP EXPAL INC. also relies on the participation of its production and receiving / shipping employees in order to carry out quality validations at all stages of the workflow, from reception, through production, to shipping.

Quality validation: from receiving to shipping

Receiving of goods

All merchandise received is subject to visual and documentary verification to ensure that it meets CGP EXPAL INC.'s requirements. Once validation is completed and approved, the merchandise is stored and made available for the next processing step.

Production, storage and traceability

All roll produced is subject to quality verification on several points; grammage, thickness, width of the finished product, etc.

Because we specialize in manufacturing anti-slip products, one of the most critical points is the coefficient of friction of the material. This is checked using a slide angle tester. All measuring devices used are calibrated annually by a certified laboratory.

The validated and approved rolls are then cut into sheets according to the size required by our customers. The cutting operators validate the length, width as well as the squareness of the sheets during production setup as well as every two hours. The cut sheets are then palletized and packaged according to the criteria defined by CGP EXPAL INC.

Each pallet produced has its own unique lot number. This allows us to ensure the traceability of the product; from material received to finished product shipped. All product stored has its own location in the factory which allows precise and efficient inventory management.

At the time of shipment, all lots are inspected and validated by barcode to ensure that the lots shipped correspond to the delivery documents. The lots are then loaded into the trailers, respecting the loading instructions to guarantee the arrival of the goods at our customers in good condition.

Commitment to impeccable quality

Each employee is committed to providing non-slip handling and stabilization products and service of exceptional quality. CGP EXPAL INC. ensures that any opportunity for improvement and optimization is put forward.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments regarding our quality management system.

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