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Our Product Range


Stabulon® Anti-Slip Sheets

Helps customers put an end to shifting loads and loss damages. PACK, PROTECT, STABILIZE and TRANSPORT your products safely.

100% Recyclable

StabuStop® Anti-Slip Sheets

Stabustop has the highest coefficient of friction in our product range, you get an Extreme Slide Angle ≥ 55°


Ecologistik® Slip Sheets

Eliminate Pallets with Ecologistik Slip Sheets that have High Friction Coating on the top side.

Available with a waterproof bottom side.

StabuFilm® MDPE Anti-Slip
Interlayer Film

Prevent Shifting, Twisting and Tipping with StabuFilm.

Its flexibility permits nesting of products like pails and buckets.  


StabuStrap® Poly stretch band

Poly band that stretches to capture your pallet layers and protects your load with just 6.5 grams of poly. For combined solutions, pair it with StabuFilm or Stabulon.

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