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Anti-Slip Interlayer Sheets


StabuFilm® MDPE Anti-Slip interlayer is the perfect solution for your nesting product palletization such as pails, buckets and more. Our StabuFilm is waterproof and fully recyclable keeping the focus on your sustainability. Application examples being dishwasher cleaners/pods, various food segments not just limited to dairy; pet care items such as pet foods, cat litter, dog bones. StabuFilm is perfect for various home care products such as detergents and cleaners. StabuFilm truly lets your products nest into themselves by flexing just enough while tying all your columns and layers together and will not burst like a paper tie sheet would. StabuFilm Anti-Slip properties will prevent the twisting motion holding it in place safely during transit with no tipping. To compliment StabuFilm, make it a Combo, add a StabuStrap to that top layer to solidify your load and remove significant pallet wrap for improving your sustainability.


Available in perforated roll form.

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